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Bethany's Room!

"Hi, I am 6 years old. I am in first grade and my birthday is February 25th. I like barbie's. My favorite sport is gymnastics and ballet. I like to dress up in play clothes and I like to put pony tails and barrettes in my hair. I have a cat named fluffy and I have a hamster named snowflake. I live in a grey house. My favorite color is pink and purple. I have a very best friend and he does not like girls and he hangs out with boys. His name is Don and he is my friend. I like insects and I like to catch them and look at them. I am really good at catching butterflies and grasshoppers. My brother likes frogs and toads and so do I. I have a brother named Jonathan and a sister named Cecilia. I like dolls. I really like Polly Pocket. I like Veggie Tales and Carman. I like Precious Moments too. I like BoPeep and this is Bethany's Room! Welcome!" ........Bethany
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Check out Jonathan's page, it is really COOL!

Merry Christmas to you!
Who is Santa Claus?

Jesus was born on Christmas day in Bethlehem. I go to church. I learn about Jesus in my church. I like that Jesus died on the cross for me and you.

Here are some pictures of me and my brother Jonathan.Here is my picture from first grade. And my brother is in Pre-Kindergarden. Here are some pictures of my mom .

Tell me what you think of my home page. You can reach me at: Bethany

This page was created for my daughter Bethany.

Last updated 01-16-97