General Information about China:
China is a huge country in eastern Asia. It is the world’s largest country in
population and the third largest in area. About a fifth of the world’s people live in China. The country covers more than a fifth of Asia. Only the U.S.S.R. and Canada have more territory. China’s vast land area includes some of the driest deserts and highest mountains in the world, as well as some of the richest farmland

The Food:
are the main foods in China. Rice is a favorite among the Chinese of the south. But, in the north they prefer Wheat. With the wheat they make it in to bread and noodles. Corn, millet, and sorghum are also eaten. Vegetables, like cabbage and tofu rank second. Tea is what they drink most. Did you know that Chop suey originated from China, but now it is uncommon there today? I didn’t.

How would you like to only use chopsticks and soup spoons at every meal? That is what the Chinese do.

Did you know that chopsticks means "quick little ones."

For breakfast they may eat rice porridge, chicken noodle soup, or deep-fried pastries that taste like

Doughnuts. Favorite lunchtime foods include egg rolls and dumplings stuffed with meat or shrimp.

Cantonese is the best known Chinese food in America. Canton is a city located in Guangdong Province. Many Chinese came from Guangdong and they brought their way of making food with them. Wonton soup, suckling pig, and stir-fried foods are all Cantonese dishes.

When famine was a constant threat to the Chinese, rice became the mainstay of every meal because it was plentiful, filling and it was also cheap. When they could get a hold of meat or vegetables they would eat them sparingly with the rice. In a way rice became a symbol of security from hunger and so rice became revered and cherished. Rice is still the mainstay in Chinese food.

Agriculture is the most important thing in China. About
70% of all workers are farmers. In southern China, rice, sweet potatoes, and tea are the major crops. Wheat is the major crop of the people of the north followed by corn and kaoliang.

Did you know that China produces more cotton, pears, potatoes, rice, and Tobacco than any other country. It grows three-quarters of the world’s sweet potatoes. It is also the leading producer of apples, cabbages, carrots, corn, melons, rubber, sugar, beets, sugar cane, tea, tomatoes, and wheat?

Trade is vital to China’s economical development. China’s
main imports are metals and machinery. But they also import other things like grain, cotton, and fertilizer. I thought it was very intersting that one of their main imports was grain because it is also what they eat most.

China’s main exports are clothing, textiles, tea, and other things like fruits, pork, and vegetables.