Food: anything animals or people eat or drink that makes them live and grow.

Food that we eat comes from plants or animals that eat plants. I just love food, all kinds of food! Grains, fruits and vegetables are some really important foods that come from plants .

Did you know Dumplings are eaten in various ways around the world? I didn’t. The Chinese won ton, Italian ravioli, Jewish Kreplach, and Polish pierogi are all types of dumplings filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

What about Frankfurters? They were named after Frankfurt, Germany. These sausages were first made in Germany during the Middle Ages. About 1900, an American vender selling cooked frankfurters supposedly called them "hot dachshund sausages," what a name, because they looked like the long- bodied dog. Now we just call it hot dog. Why is that? Do you think we just got to lazy?

Hamburger was or once called Hamburger steak. It was named after Hamburger, Germany.

Have you ever had a Hundred-year-old egg? This is a delicacy in China. They are preserved duck eggs. They are cured in the shell for about six months in a mixture of ashes, lime, salt, and tea.. The curing makes the eggs taste like cheese. Do you want one now?

Here is something I know everyone has had, the ice cream cone, But do you know where the first one was served ? It was served at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. A thin crisp waffle was rolled into a handy holder for a scoop of ice cream. Cool.

Did you know that Pizza is the Italian word for pie.

Most of us like pretzels right, but did you know that they were first made by monks in southern Europe as a reward for students who learned their prayers. The crossed ends of it represent praying hands.

Sandwiches were named after the Earl of Sandwich, an English nobleman of the 1700’s When he was playing cards, He ordered a servant to bring him two slices of bread with a piece of roast meat between them.

Did you know that it costs more to produce foods made from meat then plants?